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Double Fun - Cannabis plant of the year

Originally an outdoor variety from the legendary Positronics Seedbank, this classic indica had been inbred for 8 years until it reached it's full true breeding F8 potential. Unusually mold resistant and ready to harvest between 15-30 september in cooler climates. It's early flowering and high potency for an outdoor plant makes Double Fun a choice variety for outdoor growers in colder climates. When germinated early and properly taken care off, it easily grows as tall as 2,5 meters outdoors and can yield up to 1,5 kg a plant in colder climates.
Double Fun cannabis seeds shows great adaptability to a variety of climates and has been succesfully grown almost anywhere, including tropical regions like Sierra Leone and Cambodia. Not widely known is that an outstanding outdoor variety makes for an outstanding indoor plant too, and Double Fun is no exception. When using our 12/12 system it can be harvested indoors as early as 6½ week after germinating. Double Fun produces fat buds with extreme quantities of resin, has a distinct lemon smell and is loved for it's sweet & strong psychoactive effect. An authentic and versatile No Mercy classic.

- Genetics: 20% sativa / 80% indica
- Flowering time: Indoor (using No Mercy's 12/12 system): 6½–7 weeks
- Outdoor: 8½ week
- Potency: 16%THC
- Yield: Outdoor: 1,5 kg a plant
- Indoor: 1 gram to a watt
Double Fun
Regular cannabis seeds
Up to 1 gram per watt
80% Indica / 20% Sativa
8 weeks flowering
Indoor & outdoor
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