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Santa Maria

The last 17 years our Santa Maria has proven itself worldwide over and over again. It's unique qualities are the result of a labour-intensive breeding program; after having crossed an original Santa Maria (Brazilian, but exact genetic background unknown) with a Mexican Haze and a Silver Pearl and inbreeding the resulting plant for 4 generations, one male was selected to pollinate a pure Santa Maria mother. After this we inbred 8 times by backcrossing a male/son with a pure Santa Maria mother. Scientifically spoken an F6 should be pure, but according to our experience, cannabis plants become true breeding only in F8.

One of the all time great strains, our Santa Maria is extremely fast for a mostly sativa variety and can be succesfully grown both indoors as outdoors, even in moderate climates.

This exotic 'white' variety is known for it's powerful erotic effects.
Santa Maria
Regular cannabis seeds
0,8 - 0,9 gram per watt
25% Indica / 75% Sativa
8 weeks flowering
Indoor & outdoor
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