The first question is off course: Do plants absorb CO2 via the roots?
No Mercy: "Sure. Measure in the dark hours your medium and you will find CO2 that is eliminated by the plant when the synthesis stopped. Then measure again if the light is turned on for about half an hour, so when there is synthesis again, and you will notice that the eliminated CO2 is lost. Nobody until now has found a real explanation for the fact that the roots absorb CO2. The developer of the basis-tab for ponds thinks that due to the unique composition and effects of the tabs, the plant absorbs the CO2 with the water. As yet we have big questions at a product that is proving itself. But the results are clearly visible and a growing-speed of 30% is no exceptional matter."

You say that the tabs actually were used in ponds and aquariums. How did you found out it worked at cannabis?
"The effects of the CO2 by adding it into the water is created by coincidence. We satisfactory used for several years the Bacterial of Velda to optimise the grow-medium. Then we bought in a rashly mood a pot of CO2-tabs and we were very surprised about the effect. Could this be a coincidence? But the result was repeated in the next crops. But because of the high growing speed we quickly discovered a lack of magnesium, what was easily solved by adding magnesiumsulphate. The next step was informing the producer the unique effects of their product for our world."

''Velda-Enschede, the producer of CO2-tabs for ponds, was aware for some years of the fact that CO2 can be given to the roots. But he did not do anything with this knowledge because they, in those days, only concentrated on water-plants."

"You can test it if you happen to have a aquarium or a bowl met goldfish. Put a piece of the tab into the aquarium and you will be surprised how the roots will develop."

"Together we deepened ourselves in the effects of this miracle-pill. With all unclear explanations about the effects, but with a clearly visible result, the pond-tab has been made ready for the cannabis market. A percentage magnesium-sulphate was added to realise a faster evaporation of the CO2 to the water than the pond-tab. 'In fact we talk about difficult matters and not all the answers are found. And the question is: will it be useful to look for an explanation? Maybe we have to take the magical effects of the CO2-tabs for what it is and be glad that we can profit of the results."

Can you use the tabs with all the plants? Do they have side-effects?
"I think it is obvious that CO2-tabs have an optimal effects if you offer it to healthy plants, that are grown with a right pH and EC. By adding CO2 to the water the pH-value decreases, what is stabilising after a while. Like offering CO2 into the air, the offering of CO2 in the nutrition-water is also a matter of doing this in the daytime, preferably if the lights are just turned on. The roots do also not absorb if there is no photosynthesis."


This article appeared originally in Highlife-magazine of februari/march 2000.

No Mercy CO2 tabs
Fake of " Wonderpil " ?
The past Highlife reported a lot about growing, with help of CO2. In those articles mainly was spoken about the (expensive) equipment that is needed to regulate de CO2 input and quantity. Since last year there are tabs (big effervescent tablets) - of which the Dutch company 'No Mercy' has the agency - on the market. These tabs are solved in the nutrition-water and the plant absorbs the CO2 via the roots. But can a ground-plant also absorb CO2 via the roots? Many people have asked themselves. The ones that use the Internet: the message-board of was full of different opinions and theories. But nobody seems to have a clear answer now, so we took the time to speak to the company No Mercy.
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